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Queen Conch and Sanderlings
Shark's Eye and Greater Yellowlegs
Scotch Bonnet and Laughing Gulls
Scotch Bonnet and Ruddy Turnstone Knobbed Whelk at Cape Lookout The Pink-Mouthed Murex
Scotch Bonnet and Snowy Egrets

Please Note: Appraisals of both original work and reproductions are offered for an appraisal fee of $200.00 per piece. We do not price secondary market prints, paintings, drawings or woodcuts over the internet or by phone for any reason including "insurance purposes". All prints or reproductions that are presently available can be found on the Limited Editions page. If the print you are looking for is not here, unfortunately we do not have it- though you can sign up for the Robert B. Dance mailing for future availability: Click Here. As soon as a secondary market print or original work comes into the studio and appraised, we notify everyone on the mailing list.

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